Quick Bio

  • Current Work: Periscope, Twitter
  • Past Work: Conflict News, ECON+ Network
  • Languages: French, Russian, English
  • B.A. International Relations & Russian Studies, Minor in International Law
    • The American University of Paris
    • The European University at Saint Petersburg
  • HS: International Baccalaureate Diploma




Hey there, I'm Erielle Delzer.

Chances are you found me on my Twitter or Periscope, where I basically live. I'm on the Periscope Editorial team curating breaking news and international topics on the app. But to explain where I'm at now, it's best to start from the beginning:

I'm an American of Russian heritage who was educated in Europe. Crossing borders and seeing how cultures and countries intersect has always been of interest for me. This explains my IR degree with a law minor: I love diversity and communication, have a strong moral code, and am meticulous about details. Somehow this translated to a passion for journalism, which combines all of these worlds for me in one.

When I realized journalism was the path I knew I didn't want to be categorized into just one beat or category. My initial training was in video and photo journalism, which then grew into online journalism when I hit university, which then evolved into me eventually joining an economic think-tank network and a team focusing on war and conflict. Now I'm in the tech world, using my three languages and my travels/time living abroad as an expat to help bring the world to Periscope users everyday.

And not just the "regular" news -- all news. Protests in South America where people willingly fill the streets knowing they're choosing politics over food on their tables. Clashes in Europe and the US between police and civilians. Citizen journalists in the Middle East finding the cell connection to scope the horrors of war outside their homes. People in poverty-stricken nations hit by natural disasters and political uprisings that never truly recover before the next major event.

Live streaming is the future of not just journalism but also our high-tech lives; it's raw, it's real time, and it's easily shareable. The risk of what can happen live is much greater, but so are the rewards. Amplifying these voices helps make the distance between continents seem smaller. This is my passion.

Let's talk about the world.